Apex 1:

E-Auction is being held on “AS IS WHERE IS” and “AS IS WHAT IS BASIS” and will be conducted “On Line”. The auction will be conducted through the Bank’s approved service providers M/s.e-Procurement Technologies Ltd (ETL) / M/s. C1 India Pvt Ltd at the web portal ( / ( E-Auction Tender Document containing online e-Auction bid form, Declaration, General Terms and Conditions of online auction sale are available in website

Apex 2:

To the best of knowledge and information of the Authorised Officer, there is no encumbrance on the property/ies. However, the intending bidders should make their own independent inquiries regarding the encumbrances, title of property/ies put on auction and claims/ rights/ dues/ affecting the property, prior to submitting their bid. The e-Auction advertisement does not constitute and will not be deemed to constitute any commitment or any representation of the bank. The property is being sold with all the existing and future encumbrances whether known or unknown to the bank. The Authorised Officer/ Secured Creditor shall not be responsible in any way for any third party claims/ rights/ dues.

Apex 3:

The intending purchasers / bidders are required to deposit EMD amount either through NEFT/ RTGS in the Account No.—–: , ————– (Name of the A/C), ——— (Name of the Beneficiary): ————- State Bank of India A/c (Unit Name), IFSC Code: ——or by way of demand draft drawn in favour of State Bank of India A/c (unit name) , (Name of the Branch) drawn on any Nationalized or Scheduled Bank.

Apex 4:

Bidders shall hold a valid Digital Signature Certificate issued by competent authority and valid email ID {e-mail ID is absolutely necessary for the intending bidder as all the relevant information and allotment of ID & password by M/s. e-Procurement Technologies Ltd (ETL) / M/s. C1 India Pvt Lt may be conveyed through email}. Note: Only for SARB A/c Properties.

Apex 5:

The intending bidder should submit the evidence for EMD deposit like UTR number along with Request Letter for participation in the E- auction, self attested copies of (i) Proof of Identification (KYC) viz. Voter ID Card/ Driving License/ Passport etc.,(ii) Current Address-Proof for communication, (iii) PAN card of the bidder, (iv) valid e-mail ID, (v) contact number (Mobile/Landline) of the bidder etc. to the Authorized Officer of STATE BANK OF INDIA, (Branch Name & Address) by _____ date before _____ time. Scanned copies of the original of these documents can also be submitted to e-mail Id of Authorized officer.

Apex 6:

Names of the Eligible Bidders, will be identified by the STATE BANK OF INDIA, (Branch Name) to participate in online e-auction on the portal in / M/s.e-Procurement Technologies Ltd (ETL) / M/s. C1 India Pvt Ltd., will provide User ID & Password after due verification of PAN of the Eligible Bidders.

Apex 7:

It shall be the responsibility of the interested bidders to inspect and satisfy themselves about the property before submission of the bid.

Apex 8:

The e-Auction/bidding of above properties would be conducted exactly on the scheduled Date & Time as mentioned against each property by way of interse bidding amongst the bidders. The bidder shall improve their offer in multiple of the amount mentioned under the column “Bid Increment Amount” against each property. In case bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of the closing time of the e-Auction, the closing time will automatically get extended for 5 minutes. The bidder who submits the highest bid amount (not below the Reserve Price) on closure of e-Auction process shall be declared as Successful Bidder and a communication to that effect will be issued through electronic mode which shall be subject to approval by the Authorised Officer/ Secured Creditor.

Apex 9:

The Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of the successful bidder shall be retained towards part sale consideration and the EMD of unsuccessful bidders shall be refunded. The Earnest Money Deposit shall not bear any interest. The successful bidder shall have to deposit 25% of the sale price, immediately on acceptance of bid price by the Authorised Officer and the balance of the sale price on or before 15th day of sale or within such extended period as agreed upon in writing and solely at the discretion of the Authorised Officer. Default in deposit of amount by the successful bidder would entail forfeiture of the whole money, already deposited and property shall be put to re-auction and the defaulting bidder shall have no claim/ right in respect of property/ amount.

Apex 10:

The prospective qualified bidders may avail online training on e-Auction from M/s.e-Procurement Technologies Ltd (ETL) / M/s. C1 India Pvt Ltd., prior to the date of e-Auction. Neither the Authorised Officer/ Bank nor M/s.e-Procurement Technologies Ltd (ETL) / M/s. C1 India Pvt Ltd., will be held responsible for any Internet Network problem/Power failure/ any other technical lapses/failure etc. In order to ward-off such contingent situation the interested bidders are requested to ensure that they are technically well equipped with adequate power back-up etc. for successfully participating in the e-Auction event.

Apex 11:

The purchaser shall bear the applicable stamp duties/ additional stamp duty/ transfer charges, fee etc. and also all the statutory/ non-statutory dues, taxes, rates, assessment charges, fees etc. owing to anybody.

Apex 12:

The Authorised Officer/Bank is not bound to accept the highest offer and has the absolute right to accept or reject any or all offer(s) or adjourn/ postpone/ cancel the e-Auction or withdraw any property or portion thereof from the auction proceedings at any stage without assigning any reason there for.

Apex 13:

The Sale Certificate will be issued in the name of the purchaser(s) / applicant (s) only and will not be issued in any other name(s).

Apex 14:

The sale shall be subject to rules/ conditions prescribed under the Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002.

Apex 15:

The Properties will not be sold below the Reserve Price. The Highest bidder shall deposit 25 % of the sale price including EMD immediately on the day of Sale and balance within 15 days. EMD Remittance Details: Deposit through EFT / NEFT / RTGS transfer in favor of following banks mentioned below. SAM (SECUNDERABAD): SBI, STRESSED ASSETS MANAGEMENT BRANCH, SECUNDERABAD to the credit A/C No:32669084199 with State Bank of India, SAM Branch, Secunderabad. Branch Code:4106, IFSC Code: SBIN0004106. SAM (HYDERABAD): SBI, STRESSED ASSETS MANAGEMENT BRANCH-II HYDERABAD to the credit A/C No:35754829917 with State Bank of India, SAM Branch-II, Kachiguda, Hyderabad. Branch Code:18359, IFSC Code: SBIN0018359 SARB (KOTI, HYDERABAD): SBI, STRESSED ASSETS RECOVERY BRANCH, HYDERABAD to the credit A/C No:34349336975 with SARB e-Auction A/c, State Bank of India (SARB), Koti, Hyderabad. IFSC Code: SBIN0005894.